Let’s face it. Israelis and Germans have very different mindsets.

“de;il” is my new blog created to bridge the cultural gap. I created it to help German business people, entrepreneurs and startups searching for the right way to work with Israelis (and vice versa).

The posts, created as a brief about the differences between the two, are effectively a shortcut to make your business work across cultural divides.

The insights you will gain will provide you with the right tools to establish successful business relations with Israelis.

I hope you enjoy!



About Me:

I started my career in Pharmaceuticals, but thrive as an entrepreneur in the start-up nation.
Apart from writing this blog, I have a vast experience in bi-lateral relations between Germany and Israel, project management and MarCom. I provide strategy and business development services for German and Israeli companies, including German-Israeli co-operations, business intelligence, and market analysis.

I am the founder and CEO of Graduate Connect.

I hold an MBA and a BSc. in Chemistry, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.